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Nov 2

I stand corrected.

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College IS kicking my ass this Fall quarter. FILM and Marketing classes are significantly more difficult than I expected them to be…

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Sep 29

Fall Quarter Start

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I apologize for the extended hiatus. I have no excuses for it, apart from college and a brain-dead summer break after the summer quarter’s conclusion. This Fall quarter will be relatively light, only three classes.

I intend to get more work done on the script.

-NK out.

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Sep 20

Penny Arcade Expo was good.

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It was interesting. Most of all being Steel Battalion at the console freeplay, an old game, but a goody. Apart from that, Fall Quarter has snuck up on me, alongside Final Fantasy XIV Online.

I haven’t gotten any work done during this break between quarters. One wonders if I’m just loafing around, or if this is a real problem. Motivation is a strange creature…

-NK Out.

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