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Dec 19

The Phasmatis Crisis Vol. 0 is Discontinued.

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Yep. Not gonna say much more.

Currently, progress is stalled on the rebuild, but I’ve recently gotten some advice from a friend on how to restart that progress.


P.S. Wow, it’s been a year since I started the rewrite.


Dec 27

Fantasia Arks Rewrite In Progress

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This is an official notice: the current content you see here and on my DeviantArt are now considered “Universe 1.0” versions. They are no longer canonical.

The “Universe 2.0” version of Fantasia Arks is being worked on at present, and the website might go dark in the near future in anticipation of the long process involving such a huge rewrite of the Fantasia Arks story, universe, and its characters.

The first order of business is naming all of the locations, regions, cities, and characters in “Universe 2.0” so that I can begin reworking the Phasmatis Crisis script as soon as possible.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and I hope you had a great holiday season, as well.

-NK out.

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Dec 8

Considering a full rewrite of Fantasia Arks’ universe

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As it stands now, I am not fully certain of the elements involving Fantasia Arks’ universe, and I am considering rewriting elements involving the Realm of Sol as to completely change the setting so that it eliminates the space travel aspect of things.

This portion seems to clash badly with the rest of the Fantasia Arks universe’s design, and as such I am considering some other possibilities.

So yes, Fantasia Arks is a project that is going on for quite some time, and I do apologize for having published a significant amount of content without having given it enough thought.

Most of the story plot arcs will remain intact, however – as will the characters, although Maxine Johnson may end up being redesigned in a variety of ways, since she lacks significant design development. I am dissatisfied with her character design.

With the conclusion of the Fall Quarter, I’m going to resume working on the Fantasia Arks universe, and possibly start over from scratch and use most of what I’ve already gotten down on paper to rebuild it. In the end, it means I have to redesign the Realm of Sol to be more down to earth, as opposed to being heavy on the scifi elements.

The overall premise of Fantasia Arks is perfect, it’s the setting that’s the problem.

-NK out.


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