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This is where you can read on the most frequently-asked-questions that I get about the comic.

Q: When did you start Fantasia Arks?

It originally was conceived as “Venthyrll Journeys” in April 2005, after some serious world development, it was changed to “Venthyrll Saga” in 2006 and was finalized as “Fantasia Arks” a little over a year ago.

Q: What is Fantasia Arks?

A: It is a richly-created universe of my own making, with the depth and breadth of what you would expect from universe-creators such as J.R.R. Tolkien and George Lucas with Middle-Earth and Star Wars, respectively. In other words, Fantasia Arks has its own civilizations, cultures, and history. The Realm of Sol’s timeline spans over more than 5,000 years, stretching all the way back to the time of Ancient Mesopotamia. World events such as World War I will also be addressed in side stories once The Phasmatis Crisis is completed.

Q: What is The Phasmatis Crisis about?

A: It is about two things – the Phasmatis threat itself, and the quest to discover/rediscover the meaning of humanity. In this, Maxine Johnson is the main driving character in the story alongside her guardian, Itamurei Shino, as she journeys to learn the origins of the Phasmatis and put an end to them. Along the way, they will go through experiences that will bring them closer – and further apart at the same time.

Q: The beginning seems so cliched, why?

A: The first two chapters were written and drawn in 2006 and are not representative of what the beginning should have been like. Because of this, those chapters have been remade and will be available in the published version of Fantasia Arks: The Phasmatis Crisis Volume 1. The first four pages, however, will not be changed by a great deal.

Q: What is a “Realm”?

A: A Realm is a single world/universe. For example, the Realm of Sol is a different version of our own universe in the Solar System. In Fantasia Arks, there are 14 different Realms, and those can be single continents, entire planets, or even entire galaxies, depending on the type of content each Realm contains. Presently there are only 3 Realms that have been finalized in Fantasia Arks canon: The Realm of Sol, the Realm of Ascadia, and the Realm of Callisto. These Realms can be traversed through RealmGates that occur through the dense presence of Arcana energy, a type of “middle-fantasy” elemental magic. Currently, in The Phasmatis Crisis, RealmGates occur only at random.

Q: What sort of stuff will we see in Fantasia Arks?

A: Fantasia Arks is a very vast and deep world, so it would be very difficult to tell everything here on this website. If what you have seen already in The Phasmatis Crisis is any indication, it will become a very interesting world to experience. One thing is for certain – it will be quite diverse.

Q: What are your goals with Fantasia Arks?

A: I actually have several goals, in terms of realism vs ambition. The most immediate goal is to get Fantasia Arks: The Phasmatis Crisis published. After that, my intent would be to complete the entire Phasmatis Crisis story in Graphic Novel form. I hope to one day bring the Fantasia Arks universe into video game multimedia.

Q: Whatever your goals are, you’re not going to get far because it’s a web-comic.

A: Really? Really? Consider yourself proven wrong. Of course, that’s someone else’s webcomic, so it remains to be seen if I will actually be as successful, or more successful. We’ll see.

Q: You mean you’ll sell out just to make it happen?

A: No, absolutely not. I don’t know where you got that idea – selling out means giving up control and ownership of the intellectual property. To retain the integrity of the Fantasia Arks IP, I’ll be in charge and calling the shots. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be open to outside input.

Q: How do I contact you? I have other questions.

A: You can e-mail me at NK at